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Text Tuesday: Transformers Meet Joan Rivers

Happy Tuesday! We have some good news and bad news.

The good news is that Chico has been home for a few months now (cheers from the crowd!).

The bad (if you even want to call it that) news is that we haven’t had very many hilarious texts lately since we’ve been together so much.


I’d like to share a funny interaction we had just the other night:

Scene: Watching TV before we fall asleep.

Aly: What are we watching right now?

Chico: Transformers.

Aly: Since we watched football all day, is it okay if I watch Fashion Police now?

Chico: No, because I don’t want to have nightmares about Joan Rivers.

Me: Well, I don’t want to have nightmares about giant monsters.

Chico: You will anyways. And what’s the difference between Joan Rivers and giant monsters anyways?




Text Tuesday: Lights Edish

Hello Party People!

Let’s face it- it’s been a little rocky updating this blog… so much has happened! (Maybe we’ll do some Throwback Thursdays and Flashback Fridays to catch you up…)

I’ve been lucky enough to have Chico home all summer, but the time has come for the fall touring to begin. Even though he hasn’t left yet, with all of the rehearsals and prep for the tour, it almost seems like it starts a month before the tour actually begins! While I’m working during the day and he’s rehearsing at night, we’ve had to start getting in our groove of being apart.

Anyways, Chico’s been playing with some lighting rigs the past few weeks and here is one outrageous text I received just the other day…

To give you a better idea of what this lighting rig looked like, see for yourself:

Lights from AlyandChico on Vimeo.

But you know, there is something we can all learn from this:

Don’t switch the blade on the guy in shades… Oh no!

Text Tuesday: The Bachelor

We’re bringin’ it back- Text Tuesday (and blogging…)! We’ve been missing on here for a while… I bet you can guess what we’ve been doing based on today’s Text Tuesday.

Here is a text from 2 weeks ago (Aly blue, Chico white):

Quoting Meatloaf to say that he would do anything for me except record such a “horrific” show as The Bachelor. Hmmph…

Fast forward to earlier Monday afternoon (Aly blue, Chico white):

Oh how times have changed!

Any of you getting sucked into The Bachelor? Who do you think will win?

Text Tuesday- Halloween Costumes

So, I’m not gonna lie- I’m kind of into Halloween. Not the evil-spirit-hexing-and-casting-spells kind of Halloween, but the dress-up-and-be-someone-you’re-not-for-a-day-Halloween. Oh- and you can’t forget about the candy! For a girl who is known to eat a Milky Way bar and a bag of Skittles on any given day in the office (gross, I know), the 3-year-old in me can’t resist an entire day of FREE CANDY!

Anyways, 2 years ago I decided I wanted to be Olive Oyle for Halloween… but only if Chico would accompany me as Popeye (of course!). Now I know it’s hard to get a grown man to dress up in some ridiculous costume for a night- let alone in front of all of his friends.

End result (complete with a can of Popeye spinach):

(Photo by Studio Rigby)

We’re pretty stumped on ideas this year. If we even have a chance to dress up. Although, the other day, Chico sent me this “brilliant” text message:

Not in a million light years.

Text Tuesday (Surprise Edition)

Give it up for Text Tuesday! Here we are trying to put this little surprise thing into action:

Yep. He bought me a beautiful vintage-inspired watch from ASOS

…and he got a wife with a cheap black (supposed to be dark brown) hair dye job.

Text Tuesday

Here’s another edition of Text Tuesday:

I don’t think Chico will ever understand some of the shows I end up watching…

While I don’t always understand it when sports get emotional…

‘Nuff Said.

Text Tuesday 9/27/11

Here’s another edition of Text Tuesday!

Chico and I cannot resist an egg mcmuffin! Best road trip breakfast out there!

Goal: Get better at setting time aside for BLOGGING! 🙂