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my husband: the carpenter?

yes. it’s true.

my husband has turned into somewhat of a carpenter.

he’s had some time off (which has been awesome!) so he’s learned a new hobby!

it goes a little something like this- i come home from work one day only to find chico frantically surfing the web for some coffee tables made from wood pallets. now, this normally sounds like something i would be doing, but hey- i’m all for it. after all, our current coffee table is too big for the area our sectional couch allows.

the next few days, pallets start piling up in our backyard along with some scrap wood. dang- he is really goin’ for it!


then about a week later, i find this beauty perched in front of our couch:


seriously?! how did he do this?

i’m so impressed and pretty jealous because the guy is just THAT good at anything he tries!

plans are in the works for some other household items- i’m excited to see what he comes up with next!

oh- and he’s taking orders, btw. 🙂


Hopes for 2013

Wow- it’s already a new year! As I get older, I realize how fast time flies…

Last year I posted my Hopes for 2012. And while I had some great intentions, I didn’t exactly do so well.

I read one book…. (okay, that is reeeeally bad!) Kept some flowers in the house while watching my “garden” slowly die outside (does that even count?). And the whole camping and broadway show hopes? Yeah, never happened (sad faces)…

Needless to say, I did accomplish some great things in 2012. I started working out  more than I had previously, traveled to a new destination, I kept up regularly with my other blog for a good portion of the year, and I was able to raise over $1000 for orphans in India!

So although we know I’m horrible at these things, I’d like to try it again. It’s good to at least have some ideas of what you’d like to accomplish in a year, right?

1. Sew more often.

vintage blue sewing machine

2. Stay organized/keep my house clean.

organized green pantry

3. Watch less TV.

no tv

4. Volunteer/ Get involved in the community.

vintage red cross poster volunteering

5. Write more cards and letters to friends and family.

audrey hepburn writing a letter

…and what the heck, I’ll keep some of my old ones on here!

6. Read more.

reading by the ocean

7. Travel to a New Destination.


8. Go Camping.


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What are some of your 2013 hopes?

Warm Blankets Challenge

Hey guys!

So it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything… but I really need to let you know about this new challenge I have taken on over this holiday season. Here goes!

I have decided to participate in a project with my friend Elaini. She is a fashion blogger on and has raised thousands of dollars for kids in India through Warm Blankets Orphan Care. This holiday season, she has asked me to participate in a 12 Days of Christmas project. The challenge for me will be to style a photo shoot inspired by day 2- two turtle doves which will be posted on her blog in about a week. (I’ll be sure to let you know!) The shoot was so fun and I cannot wait to show you pics!

With this challenge, my goal is to raise $1000 before the end of the year to donate to Warm Blankets Orphan Care. This is an organization Chico & I really care about. We met the founder, Craig, about a year ago and heard some of the most incredible stories about the kids (ask me about them sometime!).

Kids in India Drums Class

Warm Blankets rescues these orphans from life on the streets or worse, sex trafficking. Your donation helps put these adorable kids in loving Church Orphan Homes where they are cared and provided for. By helping give these children a safe environment, you not only save their lives but you help them to thrive. With your support, they will be clothed, fed, given an education, and most importantly loved. Your donation goes to not just changing these precious lives but also invests in helping to stop the cycle of poverty in this country.

Kids in India

How do you donate? Head over to Elaini’s blog and click “Give Now” in the right hand corner. Please put “Alyssa DiCicco” in the comments section so my progress is tracked. All donations are made through a secure page & are tax deductible. Please know that 100% goes to the children- pretty rad. Checks can be sent to this address but please make sure to mark my name on the bottom of the check as well as “12 Days Project”.

Warm Blankets Orphan Care
5105 Tollview Dr.
Suite 155
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

No matter if it’s $1 or $100+, every little bit helps! This is such a great opportunity to give back this Christmas and I really hope you are as excited about Warm Blankets as I am!

Thanks & God Bless!

❤ Aly

1 Year Old!

Well, our blog is 1 year old!

We started this blog on Aug. 26th of last year not really knowing where it would go… and although we haven’t kept up with it very much, we’re happy to give you spontaneous updates about our life together. 🙂

So who knows, maybe next year we will have more in store for you on our little blog- but right now we’re still in our infant/toddler stage.

Thanks for all of your support so far! We appreciate every comment, like, and view! ❤


The Worst Day Of Every Year…

I wear my white Chuck Taylor’s just about every day. I love them. I love them so much that it sometimes has caused problems in our relationship. Not that Alyssa doesn’t like the white Chuck Taylor’s, but being the 7 year-old trapped in a grown-ups body that I am, I wear them until they are falling off my feet…literally. Then I buy a new pair. Once a year – before every big tour, I buy a new pair…and it’s the worst day of the year.

Everybody knows that Chuck Taylor’s look better dirty – so when I have to put on brand new white ones it makes me self conscious. I have a sudden urge to play in the mud just to color them up a bit.

Last year I felt like my Chuck’s held up pretty well. I suppose we weren’t on the road as much, and I was feeling like I could get a few more months out of them. Then I started to notice towards the end of the year that Alyssa would drop subtle hints. Whether it was conscious or not she would, without fail, suggest I take a look at any shoe store we passed. So I broke down – I bought a new pair in the middle of December, but did I wear them? Nope.

They sat in their box in the bottom of my closet. They sat there for months until I looked down one day at my feet and thought, “It’s time.” Personally I felt like they could have lasted for another 6 months, but marriage is about sacrifice right?

So I put them on stepped out the door for a bite with some buddies and sure enough, “Oh you got new shoes?”. Dangit…why did I do this? So long 2011 Chuck’s…

Back In The Auto Shop

For those who remember my post Perspective From The Auto Shop I am currently back in the shop getting some things fixed on Alyssa’s car on this rainy Thursday.

Coincidently enough I received an email from our friend David in Uganda this morning. Although its not unusual for me to wake up to an email from him, today’s email was a bit heavier.

Without going into much detail I just had to reflect on everything in my life that I take for granted. Between all of the political and social messages being passed around in this country right now (none of which I’ll comment on – that would go against my policy) I think it’s important to remember to be thankful for the simple things.

I did want to follow up on the last post, however. Below are some pictures David sent me of the children in the orphanage receiving those mosquito nets.



The boy on the right with the crutch is one of the children that Alyssa and I sponsor. His name is Kanumba and he loves soccer (futbol). Due to an illness doctors had to amputate his leg.

Earlier this week Alyssa tweeted a quote that I loved:

“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people” – Vincent van Gogh

Surprises Are Hard to Pull Off

It’s really hard to plan surprises when you live life with your husband on the road. Of course the little surprises like having the kitchen clean before your spouse gets home or a little gift here and there are still doable, but bigger surprises aren’t always that easy to pull off.

I am a huge fan of planning events – and planning ahead for that matter. For friends, for just the two of us, whatever! The trouble with doing this is always the scheduling… Chico can have shows pop up on the schedule at any time – it’s just the nature of the biz. It’s always such a bummer when a band we really want to see is coming to town when he is out on the road. Like…

Yep. We just brought it old school. Neither of us have seen them live… and have always wanted to!


Chico and I are ALL about traveling. We want to go everywhere! I think next on our list is…

Greece!  (picture from

Again, this is another hard thing to plan out. To travel to another continent you need at least a week, and lots of planning ahead!

Even though these are two huge bummer waves that we have to deal with, it makes it all the more fun to be….


Luckily, both of us enjoy spontaneity and can do the whole Yes Man drive to the airport on a whim and buy tickets to take the next plane that’s leaving for who knows where! (Omaha anyone?)