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my husband: the carpenter?

yes. it’s true.

my husband has turned into somewhat of a carpenter.

he’s had some time off (which has been awesome!) so he’s learned a new hobby!

it goes a little something like this- i come home from work one day only to find chico frantically surfing the web for some coffee tables made from wood pallets. now, this normally sounds like something i would be doing, but hey- i’m all for it. after all, our current coffee table is too big for the area our sectional couch allows.

the next few days, pallets start piling up in our backyard along with some scrap wood. dang- he is really goin’ for it!


then about a week later, i find this beauty perched in front of our couch:


seriously?! how did he do this?

i’m so impressed and pretty jealous because the guy is just THAT good at anything he tries!

plans are in the works for some other household items- i’m excited to see what he comes up with next!

oh- and he’s taking orders, btw. 🙂


Text Tuesday: Transformers Meet Joan Rivers

Happy Tuesday! We have some good news and bad news.

The good news is that Chico has been home for a few months now (cheers from the crowd!).

The bad (if you even want to call it that) news is that we haven’t had very many hilarious texts lately since we’ve been together so much.


I’d like to share a funny interaction we had just the other night:

Scene: Watching TV before we fall asleep.

Aly: What are we watching right now?

Chico: Transformers.

Aly: Since we watched football all day, is it okay if I watch Fashion Police now?

Chico: No, because I don’t want to have nightmares about Joan Rivers.

Me: Well, I don’t want to have nightmares about giant monsters.

Chico: You will anyways. And what’s the difference between Joan Rivers and giant monsters anyways?



Hopes for 2013

Wow- it’s already a new year! As I get older, I realize how fast time flies…

Last year I posted my Hopes for 2012. And while I had some great intentions, I didn’t exactly do so well.

I read one book…. (okay, that is reeeeally bad!) Kept some flowers in the house while watching my “garden” slowly die outside (does that even count?). And the whole camping and broadway show hopes? Yeah, never happened (sad faces)…

Needless to say, I did accomplish some great things in 2012. I started working out  more than I had previously, traveled to a new destination, I kept up regularly with my other blog for a good portion of the year, and I was able to raise over $1000 for orphans in India!

So although we know I’m horrible at these things, I’d like to try it again. It’s good to at least have some ideas of what you’d like to accomplish in a year, right?

1. Sew more often.

vintage blue sewing machine

2. Stay organized/keep my house clean.

organized green pantry

3. Watch less TV.

no tv

4. Volunteer/ Get involved in the community.

vintage red cross poster volunteering

5. Write more cards and letters to friends and family.

audrey hepburn writing a letter

…and what the heck, I’ll keep some of my old ones on here!

6. Read more.

reading by the ocean

7. Travel to a New Destination.


8. Go Camping.


Sources: one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

What are some of your 2013 hopes?


so i may not be your average snookie or j-wow, but let me tell you…. i’ve fallen into the world of GTL.




gym? alyssa? working out? really? it’s true! after one too many trips to taco bell i decided to get my work out on with my new best friend…

yeah… it’s shawn t! (he also does the insanity workout dvds). i’ve been on my 30 day hip hop abs plan and so far i’ve only missed one day! and it happened to be the day chico was home from tour 😉 needless to say, it brings me back to my high school dance team days!

tanning? yes, some may say i’ve stooped to a new low with the tanning. i know it’s not good for you, but when it’s rained/been cloudy the past few weekends (prime layout time) and you have an event coming up- a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do (if she doesn’t want to look like a ghost)!

laundry? well, what can i say? that comes naturally when i only have about 3 workout outfits and working out 6 days a week! (yep, you guessed it- i’m still using both of chico’s 15 lb. weights on top of our washer!)

but this is a routine. i’m glad i’ve been able to get into a routine while chico’s on tour and getting in shape while i’m at it. it definitely beats sitting around and eating an entire bowl of popcorn for dinner every night!

let’s just hope i don’t get mistaken for Pauly D.

Everything is Broken

Okay, so that title might be a slight lie… and incredibly overdramatic…

But here’s the story.

It all started the night before Chico left for tour, one of our doorknobs breaks. In all of his hustle and bustle getting ready for tour, and after spending precious time going from store to store searching for a new knob (which he later found was custom made for our house)  there was just no time to fix our obscure and apparently one-of-a-kind door before the bus pulled out of town…

House 1. Aly 0.

The morning after Chico left, everything seemed pretty normal. I poured myself my usual morning cup of coffee, and lo and behold, parts of my coffee machine fall out as soon as I remove the pot. Coffee maker- broken.

REALLY? Yeah. House 2. Aly 0.

Then the next day I get on a cleaning frenzy (this never happens!) and decide to do loads and loads of laundry. By about the second load, the machine stops in the middle of the cycle and doesn’t pick back up. Of course after readjusting the settings, restarting the machine, (and maybe even giving it a few kicks and punches) it’s not starting back up and my clothes are just taking a long bath in some high water…

House 3. Aly 0.

But you know- I try to hold my own! After all I am a grown-up, right? Thankfully I have my bro-in-law here in Nashville now and some great friends who live close by and can give me a hand every now and then.

As for the door?  It’s not completely fixed, but it’s functioning better than when it first broke.

The coffee maker? I had to buckle down and buy a new one.

The washing machine? Girl figured out that if you put both of Chico’s 10 lb. weights on top of the lid, everything is as it should be. Bam!

I’m not sure where the Me vs. House points land as of right now, but hey- I’m learning how to be a handy-woman in the process… all while trying to remember that I’m grateful for our little house and the things we do have. 🙂


Photos: one, two, three

Text Tuesday: Lights Edish

Hello Party People!

Let’s face it- it’s been a little rocky updating this blog… so much has happened! (Maybe we’ll do some Throwback Thursdays and Flashback Fridays to catch you up…)

I’ve been lucky enough to have Chico home all summer, but the time has come for the fall touring to begin. Even though he hasn’t left yet, with all of the rehearsals and prep for the tour, it almost seems like it starts a month before the tour actually begins! While I’m working during the day and he’s rehearsing at night, we’ve had to start getting in our groove of being apart.

Anyways, Chico’s been playing with some lighting rigs the past few weeks and here is one outrageous text I received just the other day…

To give you a better idea of what this lighting rig looked like, see for yourself:

Lights from AlyandChico on Vimeo.

But you know, there is something we can all learn from this:

Don’t switch the blade on the guy in shades… Oh no!

Life… and Lots of It!

Well, it’s been a minute… or more like 2 months! I’ve been working hard on my other blog , and this one has seemed to slip away from me! A LOT has happened! What’s a better way than to sum it up with some (some!) Instagram photos? None. Here they are:

1) New Home Decor:

2) Casual Brunch Dates

3) Fancy Dinner Dates

4) Going to shows for fun (The Head & The Heart)

5&6) Going to shows for work… (The Ryman!)

7) Hanging with the parents.

8&9) Hanging with the cousins.

10) Coloring Easter Eggs… with Me, Myself, and I!

More about this Me, Myself, and I business later on… stay tuned.

Love, Aly

PS- I’ve missed you! (yes you!)