Life… and Lots of It!

Well, it’s been a minute… or more like 2 months! I’ve been working hard on my other blog , and this one has seemed to slip away from me! A LOT has happened! What’s a better way than to sum it up with some (some!) Instagram photos? None. Here they are:

1) New Home Decor:

2) Casual Brunch Dates

3) Fancy Dinner Dates

4) Going to shows for fun (The Head & The Heart)

5&6) Going to shows for work… (The Ryman!)

7) Hanging with the parents.

8&9) Hanging with the cousins.

10) Coloring Easter Eggs… with Me, Myself, and I!

More about this Me, Myself, and I business later on… stay tuned.

Love, Aly

PS- I’ve missed you! (yes you!)


One response to “Life… and Lots of It!

  1. Yay! i’m missed the blogs! and i love the decor!!! wish i was creative as you!

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