Text Tuesday: The Bachelor

We’re bringin’ it back- Text Tuesday (and blogging…)! We’ve been missing on here for a while… I bet you can guess what we’ve been doing based on today’s Text Tuesday.

Here is a text from 2 weeks ago (Aly blue, Chico white):

Quoting Meatloaf to say that he would do anything for me except record such a “horrific” show as The Bachelor. Hmmph…

Fast forward to earlier Monday afternoon (Aly blue, Chico white):

Oh how times have changed!

Any of you getting sucked into The Bachelor? Who do you think will win?


3 responses to “Text Tuesday: The Bachelor

  1. i hate courntey! she’s pure evil however i love Casey B and really wanted her to win!!! Horse girl is cool too! and that’s so funny my hubby hates it too!

  2. lol, too funny. soooooo does he really like the show now or is it just the Courtney drama that has him sucked in? I really hope Lindzi wins. I don’t like mean people like Courtney.

  3. ah hahaha I love his FF5 response : )

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