Juice Lovin’

We all have our favorite smoothies and juices. It’s no secret that we love Jamba Juice – Razzmatazz is my favorite! But when Chico recently watched a documentary on juicing we took our love for blended drinks to the next level.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the…

Breville Juicer!!

It’s been a hit at our house this past week. We’ve had a lot of fun dreaming up juice combinations!

Every morning this week, Chico has made me a new juice combination to bring to work for breakfast. Here are the results:

Green Apple, Pear, and Pineapple

Strawberry Blackberry

Peach, Strawberry, and Blackberry

Grapefruit, Pear, and Peach

Chico was even brave enough to make his own veggie drink:

Kale, Cucumber, Celery, Green Apple, Lemon, and Ginger

We are even thinking about doing a juice cleanse soon. What are some of your favorite juice combinations?


7 responses to “Juice Lovin’

  1. Anything with Blackberries!!!! My fave!! Hate blueberries though!lol

  2. The “green machine” drinks are my fave: apple, kale, spinach, cucumber, pear & celery OR beet, spinach, celery, pear & ginger is good too 🙂

  3. Your fruit juices always look SO good on instagram! I need one of these juicers!

  4. my favorite smoothie is strawberry, banana and pineapple with papaya juice. Lately, I’ve been adding spinach to it. I also like strawberry with black grapes and a banana with pineapple / orange juice. I’ve never tried a juicer. I can see where the different variety of combinations would be fun to experiment with. ENJOY!!

  5. Looks so delicious! Does it really work that much better than a blender?

  6. We got a juicer for our wedding, and we’ve been HUGE fans of it ever since, especially since you can make so many different combinations and things. I might have to try that strawberry-blackberry juice, too!

    Thanks for sharing, Alyssa! Love the blog and miss spending time with you at work!

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