The Worst Day Of Every Year…

I wear my white Chuck Taylor’s just about every day. I love them. I love them so much that it sometimes has caused problems in our relationship. Not that Alyssa doesn’t like the white Chuck Taylor’s, but being the 7 year-old trapped in a grown-ups body that I am, I wear them until they are falling off my feet…literally. Then I buy a new pair. Once a year – before every big tour, I buy a new pair…and it’s the worst day of the year.

Everybody knows that Chuck Taylor’s look better dirty – so when I have to put on brand new white ones it makes me self conscious. I have a sudden urge to play in the mud just to color them up a bit.

Last year I felt like my Chuck’s held up pretty well. I suppose we weren’t on the road as much, and I was feeling like I could get a few more months out of them. Then I started to notice towards the end of the year that Alyssa would drop subtle hints. Whether it was conscious or not she would, without fail, suggest I take a look at any shoe store we passed. So I broke down – I bought a new pair in the middle of December, but did I wear them? Nope.

They sat in their box in the bottom of my closet. They sat there for months until I looked down one day at my feet and thought, “It’s time.” Personally I felt like they could have lasted for another 6 months, but marriage is about sacrifice right?

So I put them on stepped out the door for a bite with some buddies and sure enough, “Oh you got new shoes?”. Dangit…why did I do this? So long 2011 Chuck’s…


3 responses to “The Worst Day Of Every Year…

  1. awww! I know the feeling though! I have a favorite my pair myself!:)

  2. I’m glad I was there for moral support, on the worst day of your life.

  3. Where’s the sweater vest? Are you going yachting or something?

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