Sunday Afternoon Picnic

The warm weather is keeping us outdoors lately- so much so that we went on a winter weekend picnic (yes, it’s January)!

Our first stop was The Grilled Cheeserie. Now, I know you’ve all had a grilled cheese sandwich… but have you ever had a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich? From a truck? Well, they’re delicious!

After watching little kids feed the ducks beneath the Parthenon… (no, we aren’t in Greece, we’re still in Nashville where they like to replicate world renown monuments on American soil)

…we spent some time just kicking back, reading and resting. It’s what you should do on the weekends!

Have you spent any time outside this warm winter?


2 responses to “Sunday Afternoon Picnic

  1. Those look so yummy! We just had a picnic too! & some fun @ the park and even did alittle ice skating outside in the heart of KC!So much fun!! Glad to see you guys getting a break in! We could all use it every once in a while!:)

  2. It’s hard to believe how awesome this winter has been so far. One of my favorite moments was coming to the album release and seeing all the restaurants have their patios full and people driving their convertibles around town… and I was thinking… this is January??

    Looks like a lovely picnic with great scenery. The best way to spend a weekend. btw~ grilled cheese is one of my faves but never seen a gourmet one.

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