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Text Tuesday: The Bachelor

We’re bringin’ it back- Text Tuesday (and blogging…)! We’ve been missing on here for a while… I bet you can guess what we’ve been doing based on today’s Text Tuesday.

Here is a text from 2 weeks ago (Aly blue, Chico white):

Quoting Meatloaf to say that he would do anything for me except record such a “horrific” show as The Bachelor. Hmmph…

Fast forward to earlier Monday afternoon (Aly blue, Chico white):

Oh how times have changed!

Any of you getting sucked into The Bachelor? Who do you think will win?


Juice Lovin’

We all have our favorite smoothies and juices. It’s no secret that we love Jamba Juice – Razzmatazz is my favorite! But when Chico recently watched a documentary on juicing we took our love for blended drinks to the next level.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the…

Breville Juicer!!

It’s been a hit at our house this past week. We’ve had a lot of fun dreaming up juice combinations!

Every morning this week, Chico has made me a new juice combination to bring to work for breakfast. Here are the results:

Green Apple, Pear, and Pineapple

Strawberry Blackberry

Peach, Strawberry, and Blackberry

Grapefruit, Pear, and Peach

Chico was even brave enough to make his own veggie drink:

Kale, Cucumber, Celery, Green Apple, Lemon, and Ginger

We are even thinking about doing a juice cleanse soon. What are some of your favorite juice combinations?

The Worst Day Of Every Year…

I wear my white Chuck Taylor’s just about every day. I love them. I love them so much that it sometimes has caused problems in our relationship. Not that Alyssa doesn’t like the white Chuck Taylor’s, but being the 7 year-old trapped in a grown-ups body that I am, I wear them until they are falling off my feet…literally. Then I buy a new pair. Once a year – before every big tour, I buy a new pair…and it’s the worst day of the year.

Everybody knows that Chuck Taylor’s look better dirty – so when I have to put on brand new white ones it makes me self conscious. I have a sudden urge to play in the mud just to color them up a bit.

Last year I felt like my Chuck’s held up pretty well. I suppose we weren’t on the road as much, and I was feeling like I could get a few more months out of them. Then I started to notice towards the end of the year that Alyssa would drop subtle hints. Whether it was conscious or not she would, without fail, suggest I take a look at any shoe store we passed. So I broke down – I bought a new pair in the middle of December, but did I wear them? Nope.

They sat in their box in the bottom of my closet. They sat there for months until I looked down one day at my feet and thought, “It’s time.” Personally I felt like they could have lasted for another 6 months, but marriage is about sacrifice right?

So I put them on stepped out the door for a bite with some buddies and sure enough, “Oh you got new shoes?”. Dangit…why did I do this? So long 2011 Chuck’s…

Sunday Afternoon Picnic

The warm weather is keeping us outdoors lately- so much so that we went on a winter weekend picnic (yes, it’s January)!

Our first stop was The Grilled Cheeserie. Now, I know you’ve all had a grilled cheese sandwich… but have you ever had a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich? From a truck? Well, they’re delicious!

After watching little kids feed the ducks beneath the Parthenon… (no, we aren’t in Greece, we’re still in Nashville where they like to replicate world renown monuments on American soil)

…we spent some time just kicking back, reading and resting. It’s what you should do on the weekends!

Have you spent any time outside this warm winter?