The Smoke Detector Hates Me

Disclaimer: If you are my landlord or insurance agent and are reading this I will deny all claims and say that it is a work of fiction.

But the truth is I have a problem. Over the last few months I have developed the habit of setting off our fire alarm far too frequently.

Sure I refuse to use the fans above our stove when I cook, and perhaps I’ve been known to leave the teapot brewing then leave the room and take a nap, and maybe I light candles then go for a run without remembering to blow them out, but I’m a responsible adult – I promise.

Alyssa tends to find this habit more humorous than dangerous, but as someone who rarely forgets things I think I have developed a serious problem. I now find myself hanging out with friends and thinking ‘Uh oh – I think I left the stove on’. I’m completely paranoid.

The upside, of course, is that as someone who travels a lot I do feel safe knowing that after repeated testing our smoke detector has proved to be completely flawless.


3 responses to “The Smoke Detector Hates Me

  1. Lmao! I do that all of the time too! I recommend checking it once a month just to make sure it works!!that’s what I do! haha

  2. Good to know your fire alarms work. It’s pretty scarey when you talk about unattended candles and things that can possibly burn your house down. I done this quite a few times with my curling iron. Instead of turning it off in the morning I now unplug it just to make sure it’s off… but I still have those days when I’m paranoid wondering if I remembered to turn it off.
    The good thing is your aware of it and can make a conscious change for the future. DON’T BURN THE HOUSE DOWN!!

  3. I do that ALL THE TIME when I cook since the smoke alarm is right outside my kitchen and if the kitchen gets a little smokey, said alarm goes off. But its good to know it works! 🙂

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