Hotel D

Source: via Kathleen on Pinterest

We may not have 5 stars, a swimming pool, or even a Yelp page for that matter…. but since the 1st of the year, our house has been a bit of a hotel!

We have had the privilege of hosting 3 sets of guests in the past 3 weeks! I never thought January was a month of travel, but lately we have had a handful of traveling friends and family members.

When Chico and I were house hunting, one of our main goals in finding THE place was that it could be a home away from home for our friends and family. Our place definitely does the trick and we love having guests over!

I love to entertain. It’s something I’m not a pro at yet, but hosting has given me quite the practice. Hospitality is an area I want to continue to grow in- good meals (trying to work on this one!), good conversation, and good companionship. We look up to Charlie & Andi who started The Art House– they are always serving those around them and really embody these great qualities.

As much as we like to joke that we are “Hotel D”, we really do enjoy the company of our friends and family!

2012 is filling up fast, so you better book your reservations now! 😉


3 responses to “Hotel D

  1. haha! That’s awesome! wish my place was big enough to have guests stay!:(

  2. We had that hotel experience in December and love the company.

    I’m always surprised by the huge increase in the amount of toilet paper we grow through just adding a few adults and kids to the mix. My gifts have transitioned from wine into packs of toilet paper. (:

  3. That is so cool. I love having people over (even just to have dinner or dessert) but both Dan and my places are TINY, like 400sqft tiny.

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