My Wii Battle Face…

So as I mentioned my family loves playing games. Well late one night this past week, my oldest brother pulled out the Wii. I have to admit I’m not one for the new gaming systems. I grew up on the old school NES, Super NES and of course my favorite – the N64 (Alyssa bought me one for Christmas so we could play Mario Kart!). However, when it comes to the newer consoles I lack the practice or time to be any good.

But still I’m always down for some good family time – even if it means losing to my parents in Wii bowling (yep that happened). Well after most of the fam went to bed, my brother, David, and I started exploring the Wii, and we discovered Swordplay. That’s when the chaos began.

We found duel mode which looks something like this:

Well, like I said it was quite late, and we were a bit slap happy. It came to our attention that our faces were looking quite ridiculous so I decided to set up my phone to record a few bouts. Normally I don’t share this kind of incriminating evidence, but we got such a good laugh out of it that I have to. Enjoy.


3 responses to “My Wii Battle Face…

  1. That’s awesome! That’s what we look like when my family plays!haha

  2. Dudes- I gotta say that those faces look identical to the ones in the videos I have of you two dueling with iPhone light sabers. Wicked hilarious!

  3. ahahahaha my boyfriend and I do the same thing. This one is by far the most entertaining and the re-occurring ninjas with the same name that you end up hating haha. This is so classic!

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