I Married A Gamer…

We just got back from spending a few days in the northeast with my family for the holidays. It was filled with lots of laughter, food, and as usual in my family – games.

For those who don’t know my family we are a competitive bunch, and it has been known to get heated over the occasional game of spades. Alyssa, however, not so much, and must have been in shock after witnessing her first DiCicco family game night years ago. But she hung in there and has since started a new tradition in our house called “Alyssa winning everything”.

You see she someway, somehow finds a way to beat all of us in the most effortless way. And this doesn’t just stop with games. She has been known to win a contest or two; and not just little things – I’m talking computers, gift cards … I seriously think we need to start playing the lottery.

Well last year my fam was introduced to a new game called Quiddler – it’s a sort of word game that involves cards. Let’s just say Alyssa didn’t make any friends at my house. She was easily the champ, and this year my brother introduced us to a new game called Farkle (yep I know…it sounds ridiculous).

It’s a dice throwing game that has some strategy to it, but more importantly requires luck. Right off the bat I knew we were in trouble; Luck is Alyssa’s specialty. And sure enough the woman can roll some dice! My dad gave her a little bit of a run, but when the dust settled she beat us…beat us bad.

Here are a few pics from our Farkle extravaganza:

Look out Vegas here we come! What are some of you favorite party games?


7 responses to “I Married A Gamer…

  1. Our family lives wii nights! We get together, drink & eat & have lots of fun! Another favorite is phase 10 the card game! It’s a blast & we always try & catch each other cheating! Haha

  2. Love, love, love Farkle!! We play it all the time. Looks like you had a good Christmas! Happy upcoming New Year.

  3. Farkle is awesome! Such a fun game. Reading your post I kept envisioning the movie The Family Stone. Competive bunches bring tons of laughs! Glad you had a blast.

  4. Praise God Mark And Alyssa
    Great to hear you had a wonderful time. Keep up ! want to wish you a wonderful and happy new year, a year of much blessings to you and your family.

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