Christmas Crafting Pt. 2

Not only did I make an Ornament Wreath the other weekend, but I also created two book page Christmas trees! If you’ve seen our wedding pictures, you will know that I am truly a huge fan of old books and book pages. I can’t seem to get enough! So here is a craft that was immediately added to my to-do list straight off of Pinterest.

Here’s the How-To!


Styrofoam cones

Old book

Hot Glue

Tree Topper/Decorations

1) I started off by tearing out book pages and rolling them into mini-cones one at a time like so:

2) Apply hot glue to the end of your paper cone and press it down onto the styrofoam base starting at the bottom.

3) Glue the paper cones to cover the styrofoam part. The best way to do this is by alternating the paper cones with each row you do. As you continue to work your way up, glue them on by making each row a little bit shorter than the last row.

4) Continue this pattern until you get to the top! You can then add your tree topper or leave it plain. Adding some garland or decorations would be fun, too!

And there you have it… your very own book page Christmas trees! Enjoy!


4 responses to “Christmas Crafting Pt. 2

  1. That’s freaking awesome! you are so crafty!!!! is doing this something you do for fun or for your job? i want one!!!
    I have a cool idea for ya! we have a house tile with a
    scrapbook page full of family pics and a cool quote decopouced on it! then we wraped a cute little ribbon around it and then set it up in a cool holder! i can send a pic if you want? it looks great!

  2. Very cool. How do you make the pages shorter as you go..just clip the end?

    Great wedding photos..missed them previously. Were the wedding photos on the folding screen of guests or family members? Definitely a special touch.

    • Thanks for the comment- I just glued the pages higher up on the cone to make them shorter as they go up. You could also try clipping the end- that’s not a bad idea! Glad you liked our wedding pics- the ones on the folding screen are of our family members. 🙂

  3. Such a great idea. Thanks for showing HOW to do it! Can’t wait to play and create

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