Christmas Craft Time

In light of the Christmas spirit (and Pinterest…) I got really crafty last weekend and decided to spruce up our house with some homemade Christmas decorations.

First on the list was an ornament wreath. All of the examples I saw online had bright colored ornaments. If anyone knows me, I’m all about the neutrals. So here’s my attempt at the ornament Christmas wreath.


Styrofoam wreath backing

Hot Glue (and lots of it, folks!)

2 Packs of Medium Sized Ornaments from Target (around 60)

3 Packs of Tiny Ornaments from Target (around 180)

String to hang your wreath

I started by gluing the medium ornaments on the outside area of the wreath and then alternating as I worked Β my way to the center.

Once you are done using your medium ornaments, start filling in all of the gaps with the small ornaments. You may have to start stacking them higher on top of each other to cover all parts of the styrofoam.

*Note- I tried to hide the hook part of the ornaments by gluing those in between the other ornaments.

In this step, I still needed to fill in a few parts where you could still see the styrofoam.

As soon as you are done gluing, you can wrap a piece of string (I chose twine) around your wreath in order to hang it up.

And finally…

There you have it! Your very own DIY ornament wreath. πŸ™‚

What are some DIY projects you’ve done this holiday season?


9 responses to “Christmas Craft Time

  1. Awesome Wreath! You’re alot more patient than I am!lol! We did our Christmas Tree this year in all cupcake decorations! looks pretty damn awesome! & super bright!:)

  2. OMG! I love it! I may have to try that one out myself.

    Came out fantastic! πŸ™‚

  3. it turned out fab-o-luss!!! i need to make one. gotta love pinterest.

  4. Looks amazing!… so do you ship?

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