Thanksgiving Recap

Hey everyone! Aly here- This past week has been filled with holiday festivities and readjusting. I couldn’t pass up the chance to backtrack and share some fun Thanksgiving in Chicago Instagram pics with all of you. I seriously cannot get enough of Instagram… it’s more fun than Facebook for me right now! (You can follow us at @tmchico and @alydicicco).

Road Trippin’ (Chico keeping his eyes on the road).

Indiana Windmills.

Cool Sky in Lafayette on our road trip.

Marina Towers on our trip to downtown Chicago!

Ridin’ the L.

Chico in my parents’ backyard playin’ the ol’ banjo.

Mom with her prized turkey.

My delicious pies!

Hangin’ with the cousins.

Have to get Lou Malnati’s!

My wedding bouquet 5 months later- mom put them in a pretty vase in my room.

Coffee and Delicious cake at Nana’s House.

The trip was soooo much fun- it’s so refreshing to be back at home and relax. Especially when Chico is able to travel there with me for the holidays!

What were some of your favorite Thanksgiving activities?


6 responses to “Thanksgiving Recap

  1. I love Instagram, too. It’s so amazing!

  2. Well no wonder you’re so good looking- you’re Mom is beautiful!

    Your pie looks amazing. (and I remember Chico sharing that they taste amazing too!)

    Me and the fam stayed across the river for a few days this past summer… so fun to be in the city action.

  3. Great shots. Like the banjo one and the pies. Sounds like you had a great time!

  4. One of James and I’s goals in life is to live in the Marina Towers…or maybe just go inside once before we die, that might be a bit more realistic πŸ™‚ We just love how they look so much!

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