An Airplane’s View Of The World

I was trying to clean up my computer a bit this weekend and free up some space on my hard drive. As I was going through I noticed that I had a lot pics either from airplanes or of airplanes. So thought I’d put a little collection together of my travels. Pardon my addiction to iPhone apps…

Landing in Frankfurt

Flying Over Italy

View from an aircraft carrier flight deck - Somewhere in the Middle East

Descent somewhere in the Middle East

Touchdown in Yokosuka

Bahrain International Airport

Dawn Over Amsterdam

Osprey Ride In The Indian Ocean

Mt Fuji southwest of Tokyo

Beautiful Ireland

This was taken by my buddy Ari last year while we were aboard a Navy ship. Early Morning -Indian Ocean

Djibouti, Africa

Diego Garcia - Indian Ocean (Another shot by Ari)

Early morning landing in Paris

Riding co-pilot somewhere in the Middle East

Crossing the Atlantic


Aircraft carrier somewhere offshore the Middle East

There are far too many to post them all, but can’t wait to go back overseas again! Lately I’ve really been wanting to go to Iceland and Norway!


One response to “An Airplane’s View Of The World

  1. If you go to Iceland: There were these two girls that I met one time at Skybar in L.A. They were the most beautiful girls I have ever seen (I have witnesses that will confirm)! Anyway, for some reson they wanted to talk to me for about 3 hrs ( I didn’t mind). So, they were from Iceland, and I haven’t talked to them since. I don’t know their names, because I couldn’t pronounce them, but I think if you see them, you will know. Anyway, if you do, please tell them that you know Matt “The American Boy” Eaton. Tell them I’m still waiting!!! Thanks bro!

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