Fall Cleaning – Finding Things We Could Have Used Months Ago

This past weekend we decided to do some fall cleaning. Dust was starting to collect on old clothes and our desk drawers were becoming so cluttered that it was becoming impossible to find anything. So after breakfast we started our Goodwill bag and began making the hard decisions of what to toss.

I started with my desk – so much junk mail. You see I’m completely paranoid about throwing out junk mail – I think that the bad people of the world are going to steal all my info, open up credit cards accounts and go on extravagant vacations on my credit score’s dime. So instead of trashing it all I just hold on to it until I – A) get access to a shredder or B) have access to fire where I can burn the evidence.

Alyssa in the meantime started on her craft drawers – and let me tell you, the woman could start her own craft shop with the amount of buttons and gluesticks she has.

Time for a Zack Morris style time-out for a brief story:

The week before our wedding, while I was on the road, Alyssa called me a bit upset that she couldn’t find her passport – an item that was most necessary for our honeymoon travels. However we knew some people who had used passport expediting services and we weren’t too worried.

Well, the next day she called to inform me that she couldn’t find her birth certificate either. Now, if you don’t know, not having a birth certificate highly complicates getting your passport expedited and we were running out of time.

Long story short – Alyssa’s mom had to go to the county clerk’s office back in Chicago and get her birth certificate to mail it down to Nashville same day air. Then we had to FedEx everything to the expediting service and pray for the best.

So the whole week before the wedding when most people are stressing over things like whether or not the flower girls will remember their cues, we were worrying about whether or not we would be able to go on our honeymoon.

But alas – at the last minute the FedEx package arrived and we all were relieved.

Time In:

So during our little cleaning session guess what turned up in one of our ‘junk boxes’…Aly’s birth certificate – oh the drama we could have avoided.

Needless to say we’re going to take a few more organizational precautions in the future – no more close calls for us. But thankfully it all worked out in the end and we had an amazing honeymoon in St. Maarten!

Oh and later that night I started a fire to burn all of our junk mail…


One response to “Fall Cleaning – Finding Things We Could Have Used Months Ago

  1. You guys need a small file box! That’s where I keep all of that stuff.

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