San Fran Memories

This past weekend, Chico traveled to San Francisco with the band for an event called Live on the Vineyard. He met lots of cool people there and they had a great time!

While I was at home, I had a pretty low-key weekend. I couldn’t help but think of the time I went out with Chico and the band for a few tour dates in California 2 years ago for my birthday.

Not only was it my first time in California, but it was my first time traveling on a tour bus! I met up with the guys in Reno and as they say- it was an older version of Vegas. That night was my first on the tour bus and it was pretty rough! We drove through the night through a snow storm in the mountains. The bus was squeaking so loud, my ears kept popping due to altitude, and it was really bumpy! Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much that night!

The next day we arrived in San Fran and Chico and I woke up early, rented a car, and spent just one day in the land of Rice-a-Roni (the San Francisco treat, remember?). We walked over the Golden Gate Bridge a few times enjoying the views and our time together.

We also went to Alcatraz! It was one of the most erie and awesome places I’ve been to! Chico and I were so fascinated by the stories, history, and architecture of the prison. A definite must-see in San Fran!

With a few hours left to spare, we then decided to hunt down the Full House house. Yep. We are those kids who grew up watching the show and couldn’t pass up this chance! Perfect opportunity. And yeah, we ended up taking pictures next to it…

…and we found some of the places from the intro theme song.

After a show in San Fran and then the next night in Los Angeles, it was time for me to head home and go back to work.

This trip felt so magical. Almost like I had stepped out of my life and into a photograph or something. It’s really hard to describe how much fun I had. I am seriously jealous that Chico got to experience the City again without me! There WILL be a next time!


One response to “San Fran Memories

  1. Sooo cute! Looks like you guys had such a fun date and those are the best – love this post 🙂

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