Art House 20th Anniversary Celebration

Last night marked the 20th Anniversary of Charlie & Andi’s organization called the Art House. Twenty years ago, they bought a 100 year old church and converted it into the Art House and called it home. Here they have been mentoring people in the arts community, and hosting concerts and retreats regularly for the last 20 years. Inviting people into their home and showing them love and hospitality is what they have been called to do.

Chico worked at the Art House for about 3 years when he first moved to Nashville. It was his first start in the music industry – assisting Charlie in the studio and learning the business.

The Art House

Jon Foreman, Charlie, and Chico in the studio

Charlie & Andi are a couple that Chico & I really look up to. For one, Charlie is an artist and spent much of his marriage on the road. Talking to Andi is so refreshing. She has been there and done that and has such a calming effect – not to mention her homemade granola is incredible! Plus, she survived with no texting, emailing, and skyping since Charlie’s time on the road was before these technological advances that we take for granted. We’ve got so much respect for this couple, that we asked Charlie to marry us back in June. The ceremony was so special to us and they continue to impact our lives now.

Every time Chico & I hang out at the Art House, we feel such a sense of “home.” The place is so magical for me and I have an overwhelming feeling of love every time I step in to their home.

Good times at the Art House

Here are a few pictures from the event last night where old and new gathered for a time of community:

Andi’s Beautiful Garden

Chico spoke about how the Art House has really impacted him throughout the years.

Brooke Waggoner

What an inspiring night!

2 responses to “Art House 20th Anniversary Celebration

  1. These photos are so beautiful. It sounds like a great night.

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