Jack O’lantern Fun

So one of our favorite traditions is our annual pumpkin carving night. The last few years we’ve come up with some good ones:

This year we were a bit stumped on ideas until the night before the big event. A few of us had a little brainstorming session while sitting on our kitchen floor. After settling on our ideas we set out the caramel apples and hot apple cider and got to carving!

Outside the carvers prepared their masterpieces while inside there was an intense game of 'Speed Scrabble' happening!

Some people took the simple approach, while others got a bit crazy:

Top Left: "The Beast" - Top Right: "Kanye" - Bottom Left: "Thriller" - Bottom Right: "Snow White"

Β All in all it was our best year yet, and we can’t wait to do it again! Β We already have some pretty great ideas for next year!


2 responses to “Jack O’lantern Fun

  1. Pumpkin carving is serious business. That looks like a blast! The Kanye and Michael Jackson pumpkins are my favorite.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Some of those are amazing! I got so tired of carving mine I just did a traditional and ditched it for the seeds haha. The best part of carving are the snacks to be made πŸ™‚ This post may have changed my mind though, these are so creative!

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