The Day I Pretended To Be A Gardener

The day we moved into our house I had just landed in Tokyo for a 3 week tour, and Alyssa was left to deal with this in our backyard…

Clearly the previous residents hadn’t even looked back here – so on top of unpacking and setting up our new home Aly also had some weeding to do. I must say she rocked it, and by the time I got back to the states it looked like a completely different yard. We’d been talking about what we wanted to do with this little patch of dirt for a while, and almost four months later the weeds were coming back in full bloom. It was time to do something.

This past weekend I was in town and the weather was perfect so we went to the farmer’s market to get some fresh fruit. While we were there we noticed some raspberry and blackberry plants for sale. I began talking with the elderly gentleman tending to the plants and asked him a few questions about planting and such. Turns out that the fall is the best time to plant – either that or I’m a total sucker and just bought some plants that are about to die when the first frost hits. Anyway we picked up a couple of plants along with some fresh peaches and headed home.

I was pretty stoked to get these things planted, however, after breaking ground I quickly discovered that there were more rocks than dirt below the surface. After a visit to the local hardware store, armed with some fresh soil and mulch, I was ready to wage war on the ground.

I began hacking away with my shovel, filling garbage bags with the old dirt and dragging them around back to dump – it must’ve looked like I was burying bodies mafia style.

After I pulled out all the rocks and replaced the soil it was time for planting and mulching. Then I took the rocks and used them to outline the area.

Before and After

It may not look like much now, but it’s a start. Next spring we’ll plant some flowers and veggies. Hopefully we’ll have some fresh raspberries and blackberries too!

Doing my best "American Gothic"


2 responses to “The Day I Pretended To Be A Gardener

  1. Nice job proud of you both:)!!!

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