Craft Night

Hanging out with friends is key when your husband is on the road. Without a community of friends around me, loneliness can creep in… and that’s never fun. I really have to be proactive because let’s face it- doing life alone is nearly impossible!

The good thing is that the other band wives live close by! We try to get together for movie nights and craft nights as much as we can when the boys are gone. Here are some pics from our last craft night together:

T-shirt Necklaces

Decorating plain teacups with stencils & ceramic pens

Wooden Frame & Burlap Jewelry Holder

You can also check out more pics on Dani’s Blog!

I’m so thankful for these girls! (And for Pinterest… this site seriously knows how to keep a girl busy!)


2 responses to “Craft Night

  1. Ah! I LOVE the teacups. I will definitely have to do this when I have a house!

  2. I love the teacups and the Frame! I love all of them really but they are such creative ideas, I love it! I’m going to need to do some crafting this weekend I think.. : )

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