Text Tuesday- Halloween Costumes

So, I’m not gonna lie- I’m kind of into Halloween. Not the evil-spirit-hexing-and-casting-spells kind of Halloween, but the dress-up-and-be-someone-you’re-not-for-a-day-Halloween. Oh- and you can’t forget about the candy! For a girl who is known to eat a Milky Way bar and a bag of Skittles on any given day in the office (gross, I know), the 3-year-old in me can’t resist an entire day of FREE CANDY!

Anyways, 2 years ago I decided I wanted to be Olive Oyle for Halloween… but only if Chico would accompany me as Popeye (of course!). Now I know it’s hard to get a grown man to dress up in some ridiculous costume for a night- let alone in front of all of his friends.

End result (complete with a can of Popeye spinach):

(Photo by Studio Rigby)

We’re pretty stumped on ideas this year. If we even have a chance to dress up. Although, the other day, Chico sent me this “brilliant” text message:

Not in a million light years.


3 responses to “Text Tuesday- Halloween Costumes

  1. Thanks for the post, for your amazing recommendation.

    Its nice to discover individuals that share my enthusiasm!

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