It Was the Best of Times- Our Weekend Together

It’s not very often that Chico and I actually have an entire weekend together. Just us. It feels like life has been on fast forward ever since we got married… it’s the middle of October already! Where has this year gone?

Anyways, here are some photos from our weekend together.

Date night at Maggiano’s. Italian food with my Italian husband. Of course we ate too much, but we were seated on the balcony which actually overlooks the restaurant we went to on our first date! Belisimo!

While we were waiting for a table, I challenged Chico to a game of M*A*S*H* with my handy-dandy iPhone app. Looks like Chico has to marry Paula Abdul, and live in a shack in the bustling country of Djbouti in Africa… all while he’s an actor. Watch out folks- Djbouti may be the next Hollywood.

Homemade breakfast on our porch after a good morning jog complete with berry smoothies, eggs, raisin bran, and of course french press coffee. It reminded me so much of breakfast at our favorite honeymoon joint- Kangaroo Court Cafe!

Here’s to more fun “us” weekends together!


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