Surprises Are Hard to Pull Off

It’s really hard to plan surprises when you live life with your husband on the road. Of course the little surprises like having the kitchen clean before your spouse gets home or a little gift here and there are still doable, but bigger surprises aren’t always that easy to pull off.

I am a huge fan of planning events – and planning ahead for that matter. For friends, for just the two of us, whatever! The trouble with doing this is always the scheduling… Chico can have shows pop up on the schedule at any time – it’s just the nature of the biz. It’s always such a bummer when a band we really want to see is coming to town when he is out on the road. Like…

Yep. We just brought it old school. Neither of us have seen them live… and have always wanted to!


Chico and I are ALL about traveling. We want to go everywhere! I think next on our list is…

Greece!  (picture from

Again, this is another hard thing to plan out. To travel to another continent you need at least a week, and lots of planning ahead!

Even though these are two huge bummer waves that we have to deal with, it makes it all the more fun to be….


Luckily, both of us enjoy spontaneity and can do the whole Yes Man drive to the airport on a whim and buy tickets to take the next plane that’s leaving for who knows where! (Omaha anyone?)


3 responses to “Surprises Are Hard to Pull Off

  1. It’s SO hard to pull of surprises when you can schedule anything in advance! I have this same problem but also the same ‘pro’s” to this 🙂 Getting to travel to interesting places is also a major plus side! I love your guys’ blog but I can’t see where to subscribe to it.. Such a cute idea and you will have this forever to look back on 🙂

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