Tour Pranks…

Okay – so anyone that knows me knows that I love a good prank. In fact there are very few things in life that give me more joy. This usually comes in the form of scaring people, and poor Jeremy ends up getting the brunt of this on the road. I can’t help it – he’s so jumpy. For example:

Yes that was me screaming like a wild hyena as I descended upon my prey.

Now at the end of every tour there is the traditional tour prank where one band will do something goofy while the other band is playing on stage. As our tour with The Script was winding down we started thinking about what we were going to do. We threw around a few ideas and it’s possible that gorilla suits may have been thrown in the mix. However, it turns out that gorilla suits are quite expensive – we needed a “Plan B”. It was down to crunch time – the night before the show, and that’s when I stumbled upon these little gems:

Yes, they were children’s outfits. Yes, they were tight. Yes, probably too tight. And yes, we went for it.


3 responses to “Tour Pranks…

  1. The side view of the pool prank is so awesome. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. The Scare Part 2 never fails to make me laugh. ❀

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