Buffalo, NY

Before I started touring a while back I thought that road life consisted mainly of shows and sightseeing. Well I was right about the shows. In the last few years the sites have mainly consisted of hotels and highways.

This past week we had a rare morning off in Buffalo, NY – not really the Mecca of tourism, but it was refreshing to be out of the Nashville heat and have time in a new place. Here’s some shots from the day (I apologize in advance – I’m a sucker for cheesy iPhone photo apps):

The sound of the old church organ pulled us into this cathedral to sit in on a Sunday morning Mass.

Main Street - Buffalo, NY

Since none of us had ever seen it before we headed to the border to check out Niagara Falls

Contemplating the fall...

John, Jeremy, Tate & Me

Security didn't think this was nearly as funny as I did...


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