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Top Ten Road Tunes and Pics – September

September’s Top Ten Road Songs:

1 – The Civil Wars – “20 Years”

2 – The Script – “Nothing”

3 – Augustana – “Borrowed Time”

4 – M83 – “Steve McQueen”

5 – Ryan Adams – “Lucky Now”

6 – Adele – “Set Fire To The Rain”

7 – Third Eye Blind – “Wounded”

8 – Iyaz – “Pretty Girls”

9 – The National – “Lemonworld”

10 –  Bon Iver – “Beth/Rest”


September’s Top Ten Road Pics:

1 - Cincinnati, OH

2 - Driving Through The Heartland

3 - Roadside Church In Kansas

4 - Photo By The Legendary Jeremy Henshaw

5 - Pike's Peak In Colorado

6 - Ten Years Later...

7 - Watching Our Irish Pals, The Script, Do Their Thing

8 - Enjoying The Stillness As We Head West

9 - Tour Prank....Video Coming Soon

10 - Acting Goofy On Skype


Louisville (the 1st)

When it came time for Labor Day weekend- I was super bummed that Chico had to be out on the road. It was our first weekend since we had been married that I actually had a vacation day!

On the other hand, I had not had a great girls weekend in AGES. I mean AGES… This was my opportunity. Dani and I headed out and stayed at our friend’s house in Louisville for the weekend! Neither of us had been there before and thought it was time to explore our little hearts out!

Thanks to one of our favorite blogs Design*Sponge, we found some cool spots to check out!

*Warning- I have a weird obsession with taking pictures next to murals and statues…

Such a fun weekend! More pics to come in another post!

Text Tuesday 9/27/11

Here’s another edition of Text Tuesday!

Chico and I cannot resist an egg mcmuffin! Best road trip breakfast out there!

Goal: Get better at setting time aside for BLOGGING! 🙂

Perspective From The Auto Shop

Well in the last six days I have driven nearly 3,000 miles – a little more than 40 hours behind the wheel. As you can imagine with all of that time in the van the last thing in the world that I wanted to deal with when I got home was car issues.

I got home on Wednesday and went straight to sleep. On Thursday I was on my way to the airport to pick up Alyssa’s mom, who is staying with us for the weekend, when I felt something a bit wobbly. I got out to look at the tires and saw that the rear passenger wheel was completely flat…fun times.

I was close enough to our house where I just turned around and grabbed the band van to take to the airport. I think it’s important to note that picking up your mother-in-law in a van that six dudes have been basically living out of for the last week is not really the best way to project the message “Don’t worry, your daughter is in good hands.”

Anyway, so this morning I ran out and picked up some Fix-a-Flat, pumped it in the tire and drove it over to my local auto shop. My buddy, Enrique, is currently taking a look at it, and I’m really hoping it’s just a simple patch job.

Waiting in the guest lounge my phone rang. I looked down to see a foreign number and knew immediately who it was – my “Ugandan brother”, David. David is my age, and he runs an orphanage called Springs of Hope in Busia, Uganda. They care for children who have lost parents to HIV/AIDS – giving them food, education, and a place to belong. David and I talk via email almost every day and we catch up by phone a couple times a month. He keeps me informed on what is going on with the children and his family. I’m always so inspired every time I get a message or phone call from David. No matter what is going on he is always upbeat and has an incredible perspective. This perspective usually challenges my own when I’m dealing with what I consider “problems”.

David with some of the orphans at Springs of Hope

Today, on our phone call, David was telling me about a child that they are desperately trying to get healthcare for. This beautiful little girl was burned severely by her abusive step mother. She currently is lying in a hospital bed awaiting treatment that no one can afford.

Among other needs David said that they are trying to get mosquito nets to deal with the serious malaria problem they face in Busia. I asked David what the cost of these nets are and he said ten dollars. Wow – that’s it? Some days I spend ten dollars on ice cream (seriously though- I have an addiction).

A lot of times I look around and think, “Man there are so many problems in the world – I don’t even know where to begin.” The answer is begin where you can. Don’t worry about trying to cure every problem in the world – you’ll just get overwhelmed. Start with the problems you can see. Start small but think big. You may have to stretch out of your comfort zone, but hopefully if we are all doing a little bit we can change the big picture.

Enrique just called me up to the counter – 13 bucks later I’m out the door.

For me this is out of my comfort zone. I hate soap boxes. I hate asking for money. But I also hate seeing a need that I can help with and doing nothing. If you would like to help me and Alyssa purchase some mosquito nets for Springs of Hope Orphanage in Uganda please see the PayPal button below.

Chico vs The Disposal

Having a home with an ever-revolving cast of visitors is just the way Alyssa and I like it, but it also takes a lot of work to keep a home in proper working order. I used to wonder growing up why it seemed like my mom was cleaning all the time. Now it makes perfect sense – it never ends!

We have things pretty figured out as far as who does what, but of course there are some occasional gray areas. With all of my traveling it seems like Aly ends up covering most of these areas, but this past week when I was home I got the chance to earn my keep.

My brother, Dave, was coming in town with some friends for a little birthday celebration, and we were hosting. So while Aly was at work I got out the ole rubber gloves and did some cleaning. In the midst of my cleaning I tried to flush some ‘gunk’ down the garbage disposal: CLOGGED. A bit puzzled, I used the only plumbing technique I knew and grabbed the first butter knife I could find. I wiggled it around hoping to dislodge whatever it was keeping the disposal from draining, but alas it was a failed attempt. I was stumped.

I can be honest, I’m no “Mr. Fix-it”. I mean don’t get me wrong, I can handle your basic guitar amp problem or rewire a patch bay, but I started thinking that perhaps I may just need to call in some reinforcements for this one. After laying on the kitchen floor in defeat, I weighed my options and decided to see if I could handle this problem myself.

I rolled up my sleeves, turned on some Bruce Springsteen, and shut off the water valves. Then without much thought I started dismantling PVC pipe hoping that I would stumble upon the problem. And that’s exactly what happened! Between coffee grounds and egg shells we had accumulated quite the collection of things you should never put down a garbage disposal. Lesson learned – Bad Chico. But at the end of the day the final score was Chico 1 – Appliances 0, and as you can tell from the video below, Dave’s birthday celebration went off without a hitch.

We Heart Cooking!

Something Chico and I love doing together is cooking! He’s way better at it than I am, but both of us are still newbies. We bought a grill when we first moved in and have since teamed up on some great new dishes.

Kabobs & Corn on the Cob!

Chico Preppin' for some Grillin'

Making Sushi with our Friends!

Just for Fun- some Morning Pancakes!

Baking Edition: Chico's Chocolate Birthday Cake

Text Tuesday

I’d like to start a little blog feature to share from time to time called Text Tuesday.

I just had to share this string of texts with you all because it defines communication when Chico is on the road so well. It takes a lot to sync up our schedules to talk on the phone when he is on the road. For instance, he won’t finish a show until midnight or later (which is probably one of the more convenient times to talk) but I will be fast asleep by that time since I have to wake up for my normal 8-5 job. Thus is life on the road, but it’s just something you have to understand and try to make it work.

Here is our little back and forth from the other day:

We DID actually get to talk on the phone! Even if it was only 5 minutes, it still happened. And Chico still got to pick his epic team without interruption. 🙂